Revision Mode

For someone that doesn't post much, believe me when I say that I think about posting stuff all the time. It's just that I tend to obsess about this (and everything) a little bit (a lot) so what may seem like a quick thrown together blog post is usually something I have gone over ten or twenty times for three or four hours. 

For the last several months, I've been deep in Revision Mode for my current WIP. Every available hour had been devoted to that. It's been going well. I'm at that stage where I'm super stoked about the project and the many possibilities yet there's still a lot of work ahead.

There will be a new interview coming soon that Iā€™m really excited about, but for now, here's a song/video I made for Stacy to celebrate our tenth anniversary:

And here's a cool song/video from an album I've been enjoying lately, Nearer My God by Foxing. The song's called "Slapstick"