Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019

A follow-up novel from a beloved author that I’ve been waiting half my life for, some climate change definitely-non-fiction anxiousness, a fun illustrated book about movies (and other things) that will surely provide a welcome distraction from it all, these are my most anticipated books of Fall 2019.


On Sep 3rd, “Permanent Record” by Mary HK Choi came out. Choi wrote the excellent YA novel, “Emergency Contact” that came out last year. Her writing is super witty and fun. Permanent Record is her sophomore YA novel. 


On Sep 10th, Malcolm Gladwell’s “Talking With Strangers” was released. Gladwell has appeared somewhat out of touch these last couple of years, but he’s still an interesting thinker and a talented writer. I plan to read this because, if nothing else, at the very least, it will probably challenge me in some different ways.


On Sep 17th, my man, Jonathan Safran Foer released his nonfiction book, We Are The Weather. It’s about how screwed we are with climate change. I’m already a pretty good ways into this one and though it makes me feel super anxious and powerless, the writing is so intimate and personal that I can’t help but want to keep reading. JSF’s previous nonfiction work, Eating Animals, almost encouraged me to become a vegetarian. This one may actually do the trick or at least get me to eat significantly less meat. We have to do something. 


Also on Sep 17th, YA author and all around solid guy, Dave Connis released his second novel, Suggested Reading, which is about a teenage girl starting an underground banned book club in her high school. Dave was kind enough to do an interview with me in 2017. I enjoyed our correspondence and Dave’s thoughtful answers immensely. I’m super excited for this one. 


Then on Sep 24th, Ta-Nehisi Coates’ debut novel, The Water Dancer, came out. I’ve purposely avoided reading anything about this one since I want to go in fresh. But I think I can go ahead and say the writing will be brilliant and the story will be thought provoking. 


October 1st will bring Imaginary Friend, the second novel by Stephen Chbosky. Like so many people that came of age in the early 00’s, Chbosky’s first novel, Perks of Being a Wallflower, was a literal lifesaver for me and one of the first books I ever truly loved. It’s taken Chbosky—holy shit, no way—twenty years to follow up Perks so I trust this one will be worth the wait. 


October 8th, best-selling novelist, Zadie Smith, will be releasing her first short story collection, Grand Union: Stories. Yep. I’ve only read Smith’s short stories in the New Yorker and I’ve liked those quite a bit so I’m sure this will be excellent.


 October 15th, Movies & Other Things by 6’7 author, Shea Serrano will come out. Shea is one of those people who I’ve never met but feel like I know. He regularly tweets words of positivity and is easily one of the funniest people online. Like his previous two books, The Rap Yearbook and Basketball & Other Things, I expect his new book to be the most all-around enjoyable read I have all year. Can’t wait. 


Then I’ll take a couple of weeks to catch up on all of these books before Children of Virtue & Vengeance by Tomi Adeyami comes out on Dec. 3rd. I loved the first book of this series, Children of Blood & Bone, and since this is the first YA Fantasy series to really stick with me since Harry Potter, I’m pumped to pick this one up. 

This about sums it up for now. I’m sure there will be some books pop up this fall that are totally off my radar, those are usually my favorite ones. Thanks for reading.